Shop Fox W1758 Review

Here, we will outline the main features of the Shop Fox w1758, with pros and cons and FAQs to help you gain a good understanding of this machine.

Introduction to the Shop Fox W1758

The Shop Fox w1758 is a top-performing mini wood lathe and a great option for completing woodworking projects. Larger and heavier than Shop Fox’s w1704 and housing a more than reasonable 2 HP motor with 10-speed variables, it delivers high-quality woodturning capability.


It outperforms any wood lathe in this tier due to the immense power output and reasonable price point. Other lathes have been known to struggle with performance due to their in-built motors, not the case for the Shop Fox w1758! The sturdy, heavy cast iron legs give it incredible stability unmatched by any other lathe.

Its specially designed swivel head makes the outboard bowl turn incredibly easily, impressing any woodturner on the precision ground.

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The cast iron construction makes it one of the most robust machines in the current market, eliminating vibration problems common with wood lathes. Therefore far outperforming the Shop Fox w1704 or mini harbor freight lathe etc.


  • Motor: 2 HP, 110v, single-phase
  • Full-load current rating: 14A
  • Swing over bed: 16″
  • Maximum distance between centers: 46″
  • Spindle bore: 3/8″
  • Digital Readout 10 speeds: 600-2400 rpm
  • 0°, 60 °, 90 °, 120 °, and 180° headstock rotation
  • Overall dimensions: 76-1/2″l x 19w x 48-3/4″ h
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Heavy cast iron legs make it an incredibly sturdy and well-built piece of machinery.
  • Has 10 variable speed settings for better customization.
  • The quick release and quick locking features are useful.
  • Great for outboard turning.


  • The weight of the lathe is over 300 lbs, making it a disadvantage if you are needing to move it regularly.
  • The lowest rpm of the lathe is still quite a lot.
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To learn more about Shop Foxs w1758s’ impressive features, we have outlined below the main areas that make this machine really stand out in the market.

Sturdy сonstruction

One of the main plus points is when in full throttle its incredible sturdiness makes it purge all the vibration, so unbalanced workpieces aren’t an issue here!

It’s cast iron bed and sturdy iron legs weigh in at 338 lbs which is a must for minimal vibration during woodturning.

The ten variable spindle speed controls give extra control when doing very fast woodturning.

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The exceptional motor in the w1758 can provide 600 rpm to 2400 rpm, making it a top choice for modification and crafting. The performance grade motor with 2 horsepower far outperforms any mini lathe in the market without question.

When woodturning for a prolonged time, other lathes may tire and give up on you but this is not the case for the Shop Fox w1758.

Variable speed control

If you are just starting out woodturning, the Shop Fox w1758 is a great choice to fine-tune your skills, being a semi-professional lathe. More seasoned woodturners will appreciate the 10 exact spindle speed controls, that can curve out the wood in a customized and precise way.

Spindle tachometer and digital readout

A great addition to the Shop Fox unit is the digital tachometer, helping to show the user at what speed the spindle is spinning.

The tachometer will show the exact rpm of the lathe. The 10 different spindle speed variations, at different speeds, then change the reading, meaning the wood turner gets a more precise understanding of the operation of the lathe. This gives greater control of the power of the lathe.

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Quick lock and release option

Praise should be given to Shop Foxs w1758’s development team who seem to have carefully considered productivity and efficiency in every aspect when creating this machine.

The lock and release option in the headstock and tailstock center make the craft consistently steady when open for adjusting, making precision fitting adjustments. The three-way adjustable turning tool rest has an extendable option, giving extra support for turning the tools.

Out-board turning

Outboard turning is required when there is a change in the diameter of the stock to greater than 12″ in the swing. An impressive feature of the Shop Fox w1758 is the outboard turning.

The headstock of the lathe can be angled from 0° to 90°. It can also be moved to 180° rotation for larger diameter pieces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Shop Fox w1758’s rpm go any lower than 600 rpm?

A: The owner manual states that unfortunately it cannot go below 600 rotations per minute.

Q: What size spindle is included in the lathe?

A: This unit features 1″ by eight threads per inch.

Q: How does the lathe handle vibration?

A: Vibration is virtually eliminated as the construction of the lathe is cast iron making it incredibly sturdy, although this makes it much heavier than other models.

Q: What is the diameter of the spindle?

A: 1″

Final Thoughts

A great overall wood lathe giving a satisfying impression of good quality and efficiency. The 2 HP motor ensures that everything is done smoothly and the variable speed settings make it a great machine. Setting up the device requires some study of the owner’s manual or by watching some YouTube videos, but this seems all fairly straightforward.

There are other accessories that can go with it as well, and a bench is included in the setup.

The Shop Fox w1758 comprises many impressive features, delivers incredible stability due to it’s cast iron legs, and at a reasonable price, can boost your work output overnight! As this machine is so sturdy, keeping workpieces well balanced is easy. It’s a great investment for newbie woodturners and professionals alike.

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