Best Resin for River Tables

In this article, we go over the best choices of resin for river tables and other similar woodworking projects.

Best Value for Money: Incredible Solutions Pourable Plastic Clear Casting Resin

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This is a good choice whether you’re a beginner or a professional. It is a deep pour resin which is great for river tables among other things. It is compatible with color epoxy and mixes quite well with pigment powders.

This casting resin does not generate much heat and has low viscosity as needed for the task at hand. It also works for a long time and there’s very little shrinkage. All good things.

This is a kit that has half a gallon resin and a quarter of a gallon of curing agent which brings the total quantity to three-quarters of a gallon. Ultraviolet inhibitors have also been added so that it doesn’t turn yellow when exposed to daylight.

The kit also comes with instructions that help you through the curing process. It is a clear resin which means you get a translucent end product that looks like glass if you don’t add a color pigment.

As the specifications suggest, you can apply this resin in layers that are two inches thick. The curing will take time but it won’t emit any odor which is a way for you to confirm that it contains no volatile organic compounds or VOCs.


  • Works for a long time
  • UV inhibitors keep it from turning yellow
  • Mixes well with color pigments
  • Does not contain any VOCs
  • Can expect very little shrinkage


  • Does not work well with oil-based stains or paints
  • Curing is very slow

Best Overall Product: Stone Coat Super Cast Resin Kit

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This is another casting resin that also comes with directions. There are also plenty of videos on YouTube showing the same. It is a good choice if you want to finish your table sooner because it gets the job done with deep but fewer pours which is exactly what you want for a river table.

Apart from river tables, it works great for any household furniture and bar tops too. You can choose to leave it as-is for a liquid glass feel or add metallic powder, any color pigment, liquid dye, or alcohol ink as a color choice. But just like the previous one, it doesn’t do well with paints that are oil or acrylic-based.

This product has been around at least for half a century so quality is guaranteed. You can pour it up to two inches of depth. Once it solidifies, this resin is heat resistant, won’t shrink, and is durable too.

It has low viscosity, another quality you want for your river table mold. You also don’t have to worry about fading because this epoxy resin has ultraviolet resistance too.


  • Comes with directions
  • Has low viscosity and need fewer pours
  • Creates fewer bubbles
  • Well-known brand which guarantees quality
  • Crystal clear and good with pigments of different kinds
  • Heat and UV resistant


  • Not cheap
  • Curing takes a long time

Best Epoxy Resin for Coating/Sealing the Tabletop

You can also use a laminating resin. This comes into play when you after the river table is cured and cast. You must add an extra layer to the tabletop to increase the durability of the table. If you can get a UV-resistant resin, you don’t have to worry about fading.

Best Product Overall: Incredible Solutions Table Top Epoxy Resin

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This one is a premium and clear resin. You can use mica powder if you want to color. It is great for countertops, bar tops, and yes, tabletops too. Since a UV-resistant resin is our preference, this works just fine.

Incredible is a great way to keep the yellow due to UV rays in direct sunlight which is the primary source. This epoxy is also self-leveling which means you don’t have to worry about roughness along with the corners, bar rails, or edges.

And since this is an end coating, the finish is really important. This epoxy leaves a high-gloss finish that does a very good job with water, impact, and blemish resistance. It has very little odor but no volatile organic compounds which mean no panic over toxic fumes. But the manufacturer recommends wearing protective gear just in case. The thickness is fairly consistent.

This is a base resin and curing agent kit which together adds up to be one gallon. The recommended curing ratio is 1:1. With this one, the curing process takes around 48 hours which is a lot quicker than many other choices. But be mindful that it is a bit on the thicker side of things which makes it a bit of a challenge to mix and apply it.


  • Premium quality guaranteed
  • Works for more than just river tables
  • Takes care of leveling and is UV resistant
  • Comes with a high-gloss finish
  • Does not have any volatile organic compounds or toxic fumes
  • Curing is faster than the competition
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t go well with oil-based paints and stains
  • Not completely odorless
  • You’ll need to generate heat to remove the bubbles
  • Thickness makes it tough to mix and apply

Best Value for Money: Stone Coat Countertops Epoxy Kit

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If you’re looking for something to imitate stone, this is one for you. It’s also a one-gallon kit that is great for countertops, desks, and tabletops. In fact, if you have a countertop that needs polishing, this one does a good job. It is easy to use and there are several videos online with step-by-step instructions. So, all of you DIY-ers out there are in great hands.

This product is made in the US and is eco-friendly. There are no volatile organic compounds which mean no fear of toxicity. It is easy to clean and the layer of protection also keeps it scratch resistant and hence durable.

And there’s more. It’s actually pretty great with heat and water and is food safe too. So, it works really well in the kitchen and bathroom. Basically, you don’t have to worry about where the table is or what’s on it.

The epoxy is also urethane modified which makes all surfaces immune to damage from UV light which is what you want for a river table. Not just that. It provides maximum resistance thanks to the hindered amine light stabilizers, or HALS, ingredients in the formula.

The recommended curing ratio is 1:1. Mix the color of your choice to it and wait for 45 minutes to apply to the resin. Otherwise, the end product will be crystal clear. It dries up in 24 hours which is even better than our previous choice.

But, you must keep it away from the surface for at least three days before you start using it. It will get harder after a week but in the first month, you must keep the usage light. Don’t think of sliding objects across the table and completely avoid heavy objects. That’s just the amount of time it takes to become UV and scratch-resistant.


  • Does not contain volatile organic compounds
  • Easy to mix and clean
  • Has a transparent finish and is durable
  • Resists UV radiation, scratches and heat very well
  • Is food safe


  • Curing is a long process
  • Bubbles are quite likely if you’re not extremely careful
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