Overview of Black Friday Deals on Amazon for 2023

I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t buy hardware on a whim. I try to keep a list of things I want until November because I know that I could get them cheap or at a discount.

This year though, I was late to realize that Black Friday is here. It took me a lot of time and effort of looking around to find things worth buying, though. To cut to the chase: if you’re looking for garbage a cheap tool of a Chinese pseudo brand, you’re in luck.

Buy you’re also in luck if you have a hand tool waitlisted. Here’s a few.

Tools on Sale This Black Friday

What’s nice is that some of the smaller tools are on sale. I especially like the drill and impact driver set:

And here are some of the other finds I had:

Lathes on Sale This Black Friday

Amazon is usually not the place I would get a lathe, but just to save you the effort: none of them are on sale. There’s a nifty router table from Bosch that is, though:

Hope you like these. Let me know if you got something in the box below.

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